About Me

I am just an ordinary person who happens to love computers! I enjoy helping folks with computer problems; that's why I made this site.

I am self taught and still learning! I am also living proof that you never get too old to learn. We won't go into just how old I am; just say I am a 'senior citizen'.

I have made many friends online that I have never met in person.

 My Yahoo groups are just like families. Some of the members come & go, some of them contribute a lot of help & knowledge, some are just learning and some just read the posts and learn. But they are all just great and I feel much richer for having joined these groups. When you consider that these folks are contributing their time and energy free for fixing problems that normally cost a fee from Computer Techs, you know they are great people who really want to help others.

All you need to join a Yahoo Group, Freelists or a forum is a computer, an internet connection and set up an ID and password. A sense of humor helps a lot too! (Yahoo Groups are not the same thing as Chat.)

I have lived in many different places and in several other countries, but there is no place like home. Currently home is in Texas.