Access Denied!

Have you ever clicked on a web link and received this message? The first time that happened to me it made me feel like I had done something wrong, even though I knew I hadn't.

So what causes this message? There could be several reasons. A search on Google told me that one reason might be that the server hosting the link might not be working.

A Microsoft document says this:

IIS Hidden Static Files Return HTTP 404 or Access Denied ErrorsView products that this article applies to. This article was previously published under Q216803 SYMPTOMS Static files that have the hidden attribute set may return an HTTP 404 or an Access Denied error when browsed, while dynamic files can still be browsed. CAUSE This behavior is by design. RESOLUTION Configuring access control for all Web files should always be implemented through permissions.

Now that is pretty much 'Greek' to me, maybe you understand it.

Most of the time I would think you'd get this message if you were trying to use a password somewhere & it was wrong.

Now I want to relate an incident that happened to me.

I like my eye candy as well as anyone and from a link in one of my Yahoo groups that this site, (I won't post the site name), has nice themes and screensavers, I decided to check it out. When ever I tried to download one of these goodies this is what I got:

'Access Denied - Unauthorized Referrer

The website that has referred you here does not have permission to access my files. Please click here to visit my website and download your file directly.

If you are attempting to download a file from Christina's Desktop Reflections and have reached this page, please refresh your browser and try again. If you are using a download manager or accelerator, you will need to disable it before downloading.'

The screen that came up after 'clicking here' had no place to click, refresh or try again.'

Very strange as I am not using a download manager or accelerator!

On a hunch, I tried downloading with my firewall momentarily disabled. The download box came up & I was able to start the download. When I turned my firewall back on, the download stopped with a message the connection is broken.

Call me paranoid, suspicious or whatever, I don't like this behavior!

The site owner responded to my email and solved the problem for me. She has a cgi script to prevent naughty folks from linking to her downloads. Now why didn't I think of that? Because I don't know anything about cgi scripts, guess I'd better learn!