What exactly is ActiveX? I did a search in Google for ActiveX and found 250,000 pages for ActiveX. With that many pages it must be important! Microsoft has pages for ActiveX, but what exactly is it? Well, a search in Google for definition of ActiveX found 74,500 pages!

Basically, it is something like a program, but not a program, something like a Java applet, but not Java. Is it like a script? I still don't know what ActiveX is! But I do know you need to be very careful with ActiveX in your browser. has a very comprehensive page on ActiveX.

Another site about ActiveX is on Webopedia. ( Not to be confused with Wikipedia.)

A couple of sites with how to set your ActiveX Controls:

A lot of the bad stuff that can get onto your computer is the result of ActiveX.

To avoid ActiveX altogether, use Opera, Chrome or Firefox, which do not have any ActiveX. (It's always a good idea to have more than one browser!)

Microsoft Explains ActiveX

I just Wish ActiveX would go away!