I've Come a Long Way!

Building a web site is something that a lot of folks have done. Some are really wonderful and some are really bad. I like to think that my web site is somewhere in between, and closer to wonderful than really bad.

When I first started Martha's Web, I had a silly domain name, keyboardpower.com. That came about because everything I tried with my name in it was already registered to a 'household diva' by the name of Martha. I just did not think about trying marthas-web.com with a hyphen in the name. So I registered the domain keyboardpower.com and went to work. I bought a copy of Microsoft FrontPage 2000 because I had a demo and it looked like I could do that without any problems.

I had so much fun and was so proud of myself when I came up with this little jewel: (See figure 1 on the side panel)

Well, that was not too bad I guess. I thought it was wonderful! Never mind it was so bloated with code and so many coding errors it was a wonder it even loaded! Then after awhile I decided to 'make it over'. So then I came up with this version: (Figure 2 on the side panel)

Now I thought it was so pretty! It had a site counter too! I started getting traffic, only because I put my website link in my email signature, but I thought I was really cooking!

Then I joined some FrontPage groups and started thinking, I needed a really cool template and so I bought one and really went to town. (Figure 3 on side panel)

Wow, everyone told me they liked it! I thought it was wonderful! But then I started to really wonder about 'bloated code', pages that take too long to load, a few other things like alt tags, includes and really, what is this CSS that folks on these FrontPage groups were talking about?

I found another group that would help me learn Search Engine Optimization and get a lot more traffic. Well, that was just the beginning! I had to learn some HTML! Dang, I thought I was too old to start this HTML/CSS stuff!  But then something else happened; I started using Firefox for security reasons and oh my heavens, my site looked awful in Firefox and I couldn't figure out how to fix it!

So I knuckled down and really started lurking heavy on my Front Page and SEO groups. (I probably should have asked more questions, but I just didn't want folks to know how dumb I really was.)

I looked and looked for another web template that would look good in Firefox, but everything I found just didn't seem right for me. So I decided to make one. Now that sounds simple, but remember, I didn't know HTML or CSS! So I decided to try a program that would help me make a template. I finally started to learn some HTML and eventually ended up with a fairly decent site.

After much changing and moving and trying things and with feedback from some of my online friends, I came up with this version of Martha's Web: (Figure 4 on the side panel)

Now my website looked the same in every browser, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and a host of others. (I have a lot of browsers for testing!) But some people said the pages were hard to read. I liked it and still do, but I got a new laptop a few months ago and with the new Crystal View TFT display the links were very hard to see. So now what? It took me almost two months to convert my website and I just don't have time for that now. So maybe I need to try CSS! Thanks to the same group that helped me learn some HTML, I learned some CSS. So I dumped the pictures at the top and created my logos in Xara Webstyle and made the color changes with CSS and the whole thing was done in less than a day!

Since then I have 'redone' my site twice and of course I am thinking about re-doing it again!

Some stuff I've learned about making a web site.

I have decided keeping this site current is starting to be a reall hassle. Since I no longer use Windows XP or Vista, I can't do testing. Now there is HTML5 and trust me, this old brain struggled enough with the last HTML!

So, I decided to just make a new site and use WordPress. It is oh so easy! My word Press site is here if you want to take a look!

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