AOL Users, Don't Click That Forward Button!

AOL was at one time the way most folks got to the Internet. This is no longer the case and now is but a memory for the way it used to be. AOL sent out millions of disks to get folks to sign up.  It was expensive and was not very fast as it was dial-up access.  I have been told it was really hard to unsubscribe as AOL really wanted to keep billing you every month.  I can't say for sure as I never had AOL. Most of this page refers to the time when AOL was the major ISP.  Is AOL still an ISP?  You can still get AOL, but it isn't stand alone unless you use dial-up.


If you clicked on the AOL Users link and thought it would be for tips for AOL, I do apologize! I have never used AOL, so I am not familiar with how to use AOL email. So forgive me, this is a tip for you to keep your forwarded messages from being deleted unopened.

I have a number of friends that use AOL. I wish they would use another ISP, but it is their choice and if they want to use an ISP that totally invades their computers that's up to them. (And maybe you as well). AOL is not really the Internet, although users can access the Internet through AOL.

Since I don't use AOL it is hard for me to understand why it is so popular. I have heard it is very 'newbie friendly', so that may be one reason why folks like it. It is also the only ISP available in some areas, so that could be another reason for it's popularity.

So if you are using AOL and you like it, that's ok. It's your computer and your money, use them the way you want and don't let all of the AOL naysayers (and there are a lot of them!) get you down.

But please, please AOL users, DON'T forward emails! When you click the forward button or link or whatever AOL has for forwarding, the whole message is sent on in a little yellow envelope. This includes all of the email addresses that may have been in the original email. Before I wised up and quit opening these 'envelopes', sometimes there would be as many as eight or nine and sometimes more of these little envelopes to click before finally getting to the original message. I once counted all of the email addresses that were in a message received from an AOL user and there were over 200 email addresses! Woo Hoo! That would make a spammer happy!

Instead of using Forward, learn to copy and paste the joke/picture/information into a new email. It's really easy! Just select all, select copy from Edit, create a new message and paste. Then send the messages to all of your chosen recipients by using the BCC option. The people who receive the email will only see your email address and their own email address.

Not only will this help protect your friends from possible spammers, but will ensure your email is read by users like me. Because with all of the virus, spyware and other malware out there these days, we delete unopened all of those emails with little yellow envelopes!

A lot of web based email programs will also forward messages in little envelopes. So if you use web based email, you may want to learn to copy and paste as well!