These are some of the articles I have written.  Some are only on this site and some are on other sites.

I like to write, but I don't often publish what I write.  I have two blogs that are woefully neglected.

Good intentions don't count, too bad because I intend to post more often, but seldom do.

I write lots of stuff, but most of it never leaves my computer.

The reasons are several; I don't finish what I write, I am just letting off steam or maybe it just doesn't sound right to me.

Letting off steam and not publishing anywhere keeps me from making some folks really mad at me. I can be very opinionated at times!

I hate it when folks write ugly stuff about people in politics.  My inbox has been filled at times about people in politics an about religous views.

They won't change my mind, but sometimes I just want to 'get it off my chest', hence the letting off steam articles that never leave my computer.


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