Defrag is another program located in System Tools. After you have run Scandisk, then run Defrag. Don't enable your screensaver until you have completed Defrag. As you work on your computer, files get moved around and after a while your hard drive has to work harder and harder to access the data you need. Defrag puts all the data back where it belongs and keeps your hard drive from having to work so hard. You may notice that your computer is making more noise than previously. It may be just working a lot harder to get to the data you need. Defrag will make it work easier. To run Defrag, go back to the System tools menu & click on Defrag.

If it says you don't need to run Defrag, but it is more than 4 percent fragmented, you need to run Defrag.

Then go take a nap, go shopping or anything else because Defrag takes even longer than Scandisk. When Defrag is through you will see how much better your computer runs.

Some computers will just not run Scandisk or Defrag. For some reason it will complete part way & then just hang. If this happens to you and you are using any of the Windows 9x versions, (Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME) there are some things you can try that usually will work.

Try running Scandisk and Defrag in Safe Mode. Safe Mode can be used to troubleshoot many problems. To learn how to boot into Safe Mode, visit PC Hell which has a lot of troubleshooting tips. You can also get a free tool called Enditall, which stops everything from running in the background except what Windows needs.

I tried a free defrag program called Diskeeper Lite.  You can get Diskeeper Lite from Major Geek!

Reboot your computer & then you can run Defrag. You should always run Scandisk before you run Defrag if you are using a version of Windows 9x.

Defrag for newer versions of Windows is also located in the System Tools Menu.

It can still take a while to run Defrag in Windows 2000 or Windows XP, but it doesn't take nearly as long as in the Windows 9x Operating Systems.

Defrag in Vista and Windows 7 are usually scheduled to run at a time when you are not using your computer. You cannot view the defrag process as you can in earlier versions of Windows.

Read what my good friend Linda has to say about Defrag and why you need to do it. She explains Defrag so that anyone can understand it!

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