There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of blogs on the Internet. The number of blogs is increasing at a rate that is impossible to keep up. 'Blog' is a word that came about as a shortened word for weblog. (we-blog) Folks use a blog for everything from political rants to just rambling on about what ever the mood strikes.

There are blogs about just about everything. Cooking, sewing, politics and any thing else you can think of.  If you put a subject into the search field of any search engine, at least a few and maybe more than a few of the 'hits' will be a blog.

One of the reasons blogs are so popular is because anyone can make a blog without any knowledge of how to make a web site. There are quite a few web sites that host the blogs and these sites provide the prospective bloggers with everything that's needed to write about any and everything their heart's desire. One of these is  Google's Blogger. There are others, any search engine will find them. Blogger is where I made my first blog.

When I first started my blog, I had no idea why I wanted one or what to say. But it seemed like everyone had one, so I wanted one too!

I have an other blog now. I made it with WordPress a wonderful program just for blogs. I really like this program. There are so many ways to change it and I feel I have a lot more control with WordPress than with other blog sites.

I like to read blogs by other people. Some of the best sites on the Internet are blogs.   One of the nice things about blogs is you can subscribe to them using a RSS feed.