Configuring Your Email Program to Receive Email

When you get a new Internet Service Provider you also get a new email address. You can usually read your email on the ISP's site, but if you want to download your email onto your computer you need to set it up. To receive email into an email program, you have to set up an account. This is usually a very easy process, but if you have never set up an account it can be a little confusing.

You need to know your user name & password for your ISP email account. The ISP should provide your user name & password to you. You generally have the option to select user name & password yourself, and can be whatever you want them to be as long as what you select meets the qualifications set by the ISP.

You also need to know what protocols the ISP uses for email. Most ISPs use POP for incoming (receiving) and SMTP for outgoing (sending) email. There are some exceptions; your ISP will let you know if they use something different.

Outlook Express Set Up

Outlook’s email setup is basically the same as for Outlook Express. There a few differences, but the setup will walk you through all of them.

Windows Live Mail

The account information is setup basically the same as Outlook Express. However, when you first install Windows Live Mail and look for Tools, it doesn't seem to be there! Microsoft wanted to give users more space for email it seems, so by default the menu bar is not shown. (What were they thinking!) To enable viewing the menu Bar, find the icon on the right side of WLM. 


The screenshots show how to view the menu bar which you need for many things besides adding accounts.


Eudora Setup

Eudora’s account setup is a little different. If you already have an email account set up in Outlook Express, Eudora will attempt to find the information for you by checking your ISP. To access the account set up in Eudora, in Eudora go to ‘Tools’, ‘Options’. Select the ‘Auto Configure’ on the sidebar, type in the server name, user name and password. Eudora will then search. If Eudora does not locate the information, you then will need to type it in. Go to the top icon in the sidebar ‘Getting Started’. Type in all of the information in the fields provided and then click ‘OK’. Now send a test message!

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