Add a New Email Account

Important Note: If you are still using Outlook Express, I urge you to migrate to another safer email program. There are several email programs that are free and will not cause as many problems as Outlook Express.  A popular replacement for Outlook Express is Thunderbird.

In this example we are going to setup a new account in Outlook Express.

The first step is to open Outlook Express. Click on the Outlook Express icon to open the program.

From the Tools option in OE, click on Accounts in the drop down menu. The New Account Wizard opens and we follow the prompts, using information provided by the ISP. ( Internet Service Provider) Just click on each of the figures on the side panel to see a large picture. The pictures are of the setup for a fictitious person named Myname.

The account setup for Outlook Express is the same for Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Mail 2011

Sometimes the server information may be different, it could be like the screenshot or even something else, like Just use what your ISP gives you. If you are uncertain what it should be, contact your ISP for the exact information.

Now, wasn't that easy? If you need more than one account set up, you can add another account the same way. For privacy, use the Identity feature.

Microsoft's page on How to setup an account in OE.

Microsoft also has instructions to set up an email account using AOL.

Microsoft's page on How to setup an AOL account in Outlook Express.