Customize Windows

Make Windows Look the Way You Want

There are so many ways to customize Windows! You can do the customizing yourself or you can get some 'Themes' for your version of windows and customize with your favorite theme.

If you are using any version of Windows 9x (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE or Windows ME), you can go to anyone of the hundreds of sites for themes, download and install and customize to your heart's content. If you are using Windows XP, you will have to get a new installer for themes. There are several sites that have custom themes for XP, but the last time I looked they weren't free.

There are just as many wallpaper sites for Windows as there are for themes and most of the wallpaper sites are free.

You can also use your favorite photos for desktop wall paper. Nearly every photo editing or graphics program (including Paint that comes with Windows) will allow you to set a photo as background or wallpaper. The only criteria is the photo must be in a bmp format.

There are also programs that can customize Windows. Programs that customize Windows usually aren't free and you should exercise caution in downloading any program for customizing Windows as many downloadable programs may contain spyware.

Want to Change Desktop Icon Text Color or Make the Text Transparent?

How to Change the Font, Size, and Colors of Desktop Items in Windows XP (Microsoft)

Free Screensavers with no spyware

IconDigger 2000 Want to change the icon for a favorite folder or program? Icon Digger will find the icon in the hidden places on your computer! You can also find the elusive Transparent (hide those ugly color blocks beneath the icons on your Desktop)here as well!

Change the Sounds in Windows

Play with the various settings for customizing Windows. Just right click anywhere on your desktop, select Properties and see what you can do! A word of caution, you may want to write down any settings you have BEFORE you make any changes, so you will know how to change everything back if you don't like the new settings!

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