Windows Display Properties

Most folks know how to make simple changes to the way Windows looks and feels. But sometimes we forget and if you are new to Windows, a little help for you is here.

These screenshots may help you to customize your own desktop. Keep in mind, I made these screenshots of stuff on my computer, so yours may look a little different.

After you right click (click on the right button on your mouse) on your desktop and select properties, you will get dialog boxes something like the screenshots below.

Screensavers Settings

This section is for screensavers. I love screensavers, and I think most folks do. At any rate, there are a lot of them out there. Be careful downloading them, though, as I have indicated elsewhere, a lot of spyware can come in with the download. Just watch when installing for any 'offers' to install other software, always say 'No'! And before you even download the 'free' screensaver look for the Privacy Policy on the website. If there is no Privacy Policy available, my suggestion to you, go to another website and forget about this 'free' screensaver!

Desktop and Displays

Personalize Vista

The Vista personalization process is similar to Windows XP although the method may seem different. Just experiment with the various options found by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting 'Personalize'.