Don't Use That Program!

Trashees* Aren't Always Right!

Have you ever purchased a program and installed it only to find that someone in your favorite group, forum or other media tells you not to use it? (AOL comes to mind, but that is another story.)

Maybe you have searched and searched trying to find out something specific about your new program and the answer is eluding you. So you go online and post a question about your new acquisition only to have someone badmouth it big time!

So how did that make you feel? Not too good, I'll wager. You thought you made a good purchase and the program is doing what you wanted for the most part (if only you could get the answer to your question it would be just perfect). Now you feel stupid because someone said the program is no good. It is a memory hog. Customer service is a joke. It is worse than a virus. It trashed their computer.

Wait a minute! Not everyone's computer is the same. How do you know what condition (maybe they download and install a lot of junk) or what other programs are running on the trashee's computer? (Don't you like my new word? Trashee? Well basically that's what they are, trashing someone's program!) Maybe the badmouth is using an operating system not designed to use this program or tried using a version not intended for their computer. More than likely they did have a problem, after all no program is perfect. Possibly they expected the program to perform in a manner it was not designed to do. Who knows?

Are you having a problem? No? Then don't be upset, just go ahead and use it! Some of the most popular programs available that are used by thousands of happy users won't run well on every system. Some of the problems encountered by these programs weren't configured the right way on install, so users think the program is no good.

Are you having a problem? Yes? Then you decide what to do based on what is happening on your computer. You can ask for advice, but the ultimate decision is yours to make. Whatever you decide, remember it isn't 'right or wrong', but what works for you!

Everyone has their own idea of what people should use for virus protection. (This is also true for firewalls, graphics programs, html editors, etc.) There are so many virus prevention/removal programs available and most, if not all, do a very good job. So if someone says 'I am using Norton and someone starts badmouthing it, just ignore them because Norton has been protecting your computers for a very long time and you are happy with it.

On the other hand, if someone asks me what virus program they should use, I would give them a list with Nod32 at the top!

Trashees* Someone that is always running you down, your computer, your ISP, your software!