Emails That Drive Me Nuts!

Call me grumpy, but there are not too many things that make me rant more than drug ads on TV and some things about email.

Emails that have been forwarded umpteen times with no content, just attachments with  all of those little yellow envelopes. Who knows what might be lurking in those envelopes! I don't know, I just delete them unopened.

All those fake virus warnings. All of the urban legends. The ones like, Bill Gates is going to pay me big bucks to forward, etc. No way, folks. NO ONE will pay you to forward emails.

The slurpy, sappy emails. Those are all about friendship, little kids that are sick, religion, etc. Emails that are full of religious sayings or messages. I just don't think email is appropriate for religion. I do NOT forward them either!

The emails that tell me to 'Forward to everyone you know'.
If they do get forwarded, they are heavily edited to remove the 'Forward to everyone you know', etc.  Most of them just get deleted.

Emails that have so many >>> in them,  that make them almost impossible to read! Clean it first before you forward, folks! It isn't hard!  Get a free email cleaner from Papercut.

Text formatted in HUGE type. Sometimes it is so big it actually hurts my eyes! I guess the originator thinks big type will get more attention. It does all right and it gets deleted unread.

Emails with sound are another of my pet peeves. I know a lot of folks like sound in email, but I don't, so sometimes those get deleted as soon as the sound starts.

One of the worst things that 'get' to me are emails that have been forwarded so many times to multiple recipients and all of those recipients have never been trimmed. sometimes there are so many of these email addresses that the list is longer than the body of the email.