An Email Tip You Need

Do you ever wonder why you receive emails from me (or anyone else) addressed to undisclosed recipient? Here's why:
The BCC: instead of the To: when the email was sent.

To get to the Bcc just click the 'To:' by the Address line. When your contact list comes up, put your cursor on the address you want to use and then click Bcc:-> button on the right side. Add each recipient one at a time using the Bcc:->. You should see all of the addresses in the box by the Bcc:-> button.

When you have added all of the addresses for each recipient and clicked OK, you should see all of the addresses on the Bcc: line instead of in the To: line.

I don't want to send your email address to other people. The reasons I don't want to send your email address to other people are this: Spam harvesters don't need more addresses to send more Spam and the other people that you forward to already have my address or else they don't need it.

There is also the privacy issue, maybe I don't want all of your other friends to have my email address!

If I send a funny joke to you and you forward it to someone else, everything gets forwarded including all those other email addresses (and mine!) unless I use the BCC option and not the 'To' option to send you that joke. Now if you forward that joke, only my email address goes to whomever you send the forwarded email. (Unless you trim that out, and I hope you do!)
I have received emails (forwarded) that have contained as many as 100 (or more!) email addresses. Wow! That makes a spammers' little black heart leap for joy! Of course they have to open about a dozen little envelopes (I absolutely HATE that and have been known to just delete the whole thing!)

Now imagine someone forwards your joke (that you forwarded) to a group list like Topica or Yahoo. Woo Hoo! Now the spammer is really happy!

To avoid sending all those email addresses on forwarded emails, when you forward, just edit them all out and send only the joke. It only takes a minute and I do want to disappoint all those spammers, don't you?

Learn how to use the BCC function! And make sure all those folks actually want those jokes!

One thing to note however, using the BCC function in a Group or list is generally frowned upon as it will play havoc for folks using filters.