More About Email

Email may be endangered due to a lot of abuse. Some folks think email is on the way out due to inboxes being clogged up with so much junk.

I really don't think email is going to go away, but we may change how we use email in the future.

Some things we all can do to keep email alive are as follows:

Don't forward hoaxes, check it out first.

Received a warning about a virus? Is it real? Probably not.

Be sure the people you forward jokes to really want them.

Keep your computer safe from virus and worms by keeping your virus scanner up to date & keep Windows up to date by applying critical updates in a timely manner.

There are a lot of great, good & not so good free newsletters. If you like to receive informative emails about your favorite things & interests, there are any number of web sites that will add you to their mailing lists.

A word of caution: you need to get a web based email address to receive these until you find out whether or not your email address will be given to other lists. If you start getting a lot of Spam because you signed up for a newsletter, it is better to have it go to a web email account than your ISP email address. Nearly everyone has a Hotmail account, mine is loaded with every filter I can put on it & I still get disgusting emails.

Can Email Survive? Another article on PC Magazine.

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