EULA (And Privacy Policies)

You probably never read a EULA, but you should.

Just read the FriendGreetings License Agreement.  Read it carefully!

If this doesn't upset you, go ahead and install everything you find. However if it DOES upset you, read every EULA before installing any software.  You just never know what you may be agreeing to if you don't read the EULA!

EULA - End User License Agreement

(This is just one EULA that folks should have read.) "FRIENDGREETINGS LICENSE AGREEMENT"

This License Agreement (the "Agreement") is a legal agreement between you and The Permissioned Media, Inc. By downloading, installing, accessing or using the FriendGreetings Software or any products or software from Permissioned Media (hereafter collectively referred to as the "FriendGreetings"), you agree to the following terms and conditions [sic]. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH SUCH TERMS AND CONDITIONS, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, ACCESS OR USE FRIENDGREETINGS.

1. Consent to E-Mail Your Contacts. As part of the installation process, Permissioned Media will access your Microsoft Outlook contacts list and send an e-mail to persons on your contacts list inviting them to download FriendGreetings or related products. By downloading, installing, accessing, or using the FriendGreetings, you authorize Permissioned Media to access your MicroSoft(r) Outlook(r) Contacts list and to send a personalized e-mail message to persons on your Contact list. IF YOU DO NOT WANT US TO ACCESS YOUR CONTACT LIST AND SEND AN E-MAIL MESSAGE TO PERSONS ON THAT LIST, DO NOT DOWNLOAD, INSTALL, ACCESS OR USE FRIENDGREETINGS." [Emphasis added]

The problem is, how many people read the License agreement? Most just blindly click 'I Agree' and go on to the install. From now on, READ THE LICENSE AGREEMENT!

Another habit you should acquire is this:

Before you sign up for a service or download anything from a website, read the privacy policy. Unfortunately a lot of sites don't provide a privacy policy. I don't sign up or download anything from a site with no privacy policy. But just because they do have a privacy policy doesn't mean you should go ahead and provide information or download software without knowing what is in that policy! Some of those policies practically turn your computer over to them!


Read the privacy policy before providing any information to the site. Read the privacy policy before downloading and installing software of any kind. Read the EULA while installing software! Read it all the way through, even though it may be extremely long. Really long EULAs should send up a red flag! Don't just blindly check ok to questions during an installation of software. You could very easily be agreeing to install spyware! Just read Sneaky, sneaky!

Some privacy policies are intentionally long to discourage users from reading them all the way through.  This should be a red flag to users to really read them carefully.

Dave's Computer Tips found some strange and some wacky EULAs

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