I don't know how I ever managed before got Evernote. I used to have notepad files all over my Desktop, in my Documents folder, just scattered everywhere and I  couldn't find what I wanted without a lot of searching.

I downloaded a trial of Microsoft's OneNote once, but while it seems like a pretty good program, it isn't free and I just couldn't see paying the price. I probably hesitated to put much into OneNote as I would have to pay for it to keep the notes once the trial ended.

I read a lot of AskLeo's posts and he had a brief review of Evernote on his site.  I downloaded it, installed it and I have been a real fan of it ever since.  I have so many notes, but they are all in separate notebooks so the notes are easy to find.

Here is someone's review of OneNote vs Evernote.

No more notepad files all over my desktop!

I have Evernote installed on four computers and on my iPad and it is wonderful! The files sync from each one so everything is always there whichever one I am using.

Best of all, it's free! (But free sometimes does have a price, see below.)

Evernote will integrate with a number of programs and there is a cool extension for Evernote in Firefox. I really like Evernote Web Clipper.

Unfortunately, Evernote has joined the ranks of all those programs that want to give you a sneaky install.  So be careful when you install Evernote, uncheck those boxes so handily already checked for you and don't just blindly click 'next'.