I really like to play games on my computer. I don’t play the Dungeons & Dragons type games, or the really graphic intensive games that require special graphic cards. I like the simple games. I like Mah-Jong and can spend hours playing games like this. There are a lot of web sites that have free games for downloading or playing online. My favorite online game is Marbles.

Welcome to Find Marbles Game here. There are a lot of other games on this site too.

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If you download & install a lot of screensavers and games, you need to organize them.

In Windows Explorer, create a new folder and name it 'Downloads'. Vista and Windows 7 already have a Downloads folder, but  unless you know where to look it's rather hard to find. (C:\Users\User Name\Downloads)

As you download a new program, when the first download screen opens, click save. Then another screen opens asking where do you want to save. Select the drive and Download folder, then make another new folder and name it something so you will know what it contains. Now you shouldn't have any problem locating your downloaded program.

There are a lot of free games on the Internet, but be careful when downloading as a lot of 'free' stuff isn't really free.  You might pay for it by getting spyware or installing something you don't want along with 'free' game.