Hotmail and CompuServe

A lot has changed since this page was originally written!

CompuServe is gone.  No more CompuServe email.

  • Windows Live Hotmail Information about Hotmail, background, etc.
  • Windows Live Mail download (The download from this site should not require a Live ID)
  • CompuServe  Information about CompuServe, history, etc.
  • AOL  Information about AOL, background, changes, etc

During the install/setup, be sure to uncheck any of the Live applications you don't want to install.

Hotmail may eventually be replaced by, Microsoft's new online webmail.

Change is happening all the time in the 'world wide web' and some of those changes make us 'wax nostalgic', which is the reason this page is still on my site.

One of my first email accounts was CompuServe and I had a Hotmail account as well.  The Hotmail account was abandoned as it was eventually so spam laden as to be useless.

My CompuServe email got left behind as I changed my method of accessing the Internet. (I had a CompuServe Account) CompuServe can still be used, but I am not sure how successfully.  Download CompuServe at Old Versions.

I never used AOL. AOL eventually bought CompuServe, but I was long gone from CompuServe by then.

Now it's mostly Gmail and Yahoo mail in addition to Hotmail, which is now!

Change just keeps happening and so we must change as well. (No one says we have to like it!)