How Do I Do That?

Computers can be fun, but they can also be frustrating! It helps to know how to do some of the things that cause the frustrations, like creating folders, making screenshots and what are all those things people are talking about, like tabs, bars, dialog boxes, etc? If it all sounds like a strange language, never fear help is on the way! All of the following pages include screenshots (pictures) for easy to see 'How Do I Do That'.

Naming and Moving Files  by Martha

How to Make a Folder by Martha

How to Use Notepad  A tutorial on simple documents management, by Doug DePrenger.

Create a Desktop Shortcut by Cricket Walker

Making Screenshots by Martha

Change How Windows Looks by Martha

View Hidden Files and Folders by Martha

Change Where Outlook Express Stores Files by Martha

Enable the Address bar in Windows Explorer by Martha

How to Remove Those Blue Vertical Lines in Forwarded HTML Mail (OutlookExpress by Martha

Folder Options and File Types by Martha

Downloading files from the Internet by Martha

Computer Basics by S.R. Emerson. She explains all about backing up your computer files.

More 'How to's' later!