Internet Explorer

All versions of Windows come with a browser called Internet Explorer. There are a lot of other browsers available, but none of them come with Windows.

There are still a lot of users that are still using Internet Explorer 6. If you are one of them, upgrade your Internet Explorer to IE 8.  IE 6 is no longer supported by Microsoft and it is chock-a-block full of security holes that won't ever be fixed. (Vista SP2 and Windows 7 can now use Internet Explorer 9.  IE 10 is now available as well and will be pushed using Windows update.)

Because Internet Explorer comes with Windows, the majority of Windows users use Internet Explorer, although more and more folks are turning to other browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

As everyone who has used a computer for any length of time knows, software can develop problems and Internet Explorer (henceforth called IE) is no exception. I will attempt to describe & provide fixes for just a few of those problems.

'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close'

This is very frustrating and can be difficult to troubleshoot. You can try a 'Repair' if you are using a version of IE you have changed since the initial install of Windows. This is done by opening the Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove Programs. Then look for 'Microsoft Internet Explorer', select & click on it. If you are lucky, it will be listed and you will be given the option to repair IE. This works sometimes.

A more likely cause is a BHO (Browser Helper Object)  Many programs will add a BHO to your browser and these can sometimes cause conflicts.  You can try removing the BHOS by clicking on Tools/Manage Addons (IE8).Screenshots

 Since you will probably see a lot of stuff that really makes no sense to most of us, an easier option is to click on Tools/Internet Options.  Click the Advanced tab and click on Reset. This will put Internet Explorer back to it's original configuration. Screenshots for Reset IE

The Reset button will change a lot of stuff so you may want make some backup. 'What changes' screenshot and screenshot of how to back up your homepage.

Everyone finds pictures on the Internet they would like to save to their computer, Usually these pictures are in one of three formats, .jpeg, .gif or .bmp. Sometimes though, when you try to save a picture that is in .jpeg or .gif, you only get the option to save the picture as .bmp. So what is going on? Strange as it may seem, deleting your Temporary Internet files will probably fix the problem. Microsoft is aware of the problem and has an article detailing the fix.

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