Trying to 'fit' each page on Martha's Web into a category isn't always easy. While some subjects are easy to define, such as Firewalls (Security), other subjects seem to need a 'place' all their own, (Photos)

In order to stop trying in vain to place some pages in a relevant list, it was just easier to make the 'Miscellaneous' file and put all those orphans here.

Martha's Web has changed a whole lot in appearance, and what's 'under the hood' has also changed a lot. The Photos section has been removed as it really served no useful purpose.

While doing a total remake of this website, a number of things changed. Pages were added and others were  removed.  Some pages were updated with new information. (I hope I caught all those spelling errors! Actually I am still finding them.)

I have found that a web site is never completed as information grows stale and new information is always being added. I know most of my readers are still using Windows XP and Outlook Express.

I am going to add some more Windows 8 pages eventually. My focus lately has been on security issues and believe me this is one hot topic.

The bad guys are increasing their attacks on the rest of us and unless we practice good behaviors on line, we will get in trouble.