Super Newsletters

I am a newsletter junky. I absolutely love newsletters!

I have subscribed to a lot of newsletters and I have unsubscribed to quite a few as well.

Since there are so many to choose from, I am listing the newsletters that I thoroughly enjoy. I usually learn something from each of them. I just wish my favorites would keep coming, but like everything else, all good things come to an end.

Windows Secrets comes with two versions, free and paid . You can either get plain text or HTML.  This is my favorite newsletter and I use the paid version.

Hoax-slayer Get a free newsletter about hoaxes.

 WinNews.  Very informative on a lot of subjects. This newsletter has joined the list of no longer coming, but I have hopes it will return.

ABC This is Linda's absolutely fantastic newsletter, All About Computers. Along with Linda's great website, I have to admit this is one of my most favorites! This newsletter is on hiatus for now, but you can still sign up!

Dave's Computer Tips is a good newsletter and keeps me informed of the latest news in the pc world. Dave also has an RSS feed.

It's sad to say, many really great newsletters last awhile and then just fade away. Some still come once in awhile, but most just stop and we never know why.

Many former newsletters have now been turned into blogs and the blog content can be downloaded using RSS.

Now I am an RSS junkie! That's how I keep up with news instead of watching TV. Some of the blogs are pretty cool and I really enjoy reading other folk's blogs. I used to use Google's RSS readerand FeedDemon, But Google is going to close it down and FeedDemon may do the same.

I use MS Outlook and use the RSS option for my favorite sites that provided RSS.  (Not all sites do provide RSS.)