Notes for New Computer Users

Just want to tell you that if you follow the instructions to keep your virus scanner updated, there is no guarantee that you will not get a virus.
However if you keep your scanner updated, you are much LESS likely to get a virus.

Keeping your version of Windows updated can help keep the uglies from getting in to your pc, but you should know that sometimes even that doesn't keep them out.

Using a third party firewall will not only help prevent someone from hacking your computer, but will keep spyware from 'calling home'. 'Calling home' means the spyware program reports back to the bad folks that planted the spyware on your computer. The Windows XP firewall does help keep the bad guys out, but doesn't keep anything from calling home.

A clean computer just naturally runs faster. All the junk that your computer collects just from running applications and surfing the net tend to slow down everything.

One of the best things you can do is join a computer help group like Computer Help and Discussion or Computer Tips and Tricks. These groups are friendly and will assist with all versions of Windows and most programs.

Computer help groups encourage you to ask questions and if you have a computer problem, just ask and usually someone will know the answer.