Forwarding HTML Email Without Those Long Blue Lines

Most users of Outlook Express like to see graphics and colors in their received emails. But when we receive one of those emails that has been forwarded who knows how many times it is full of those vertical blue lines over on the left side and that really does take away some of the overall effect that the originator intended.

The popular email strippers that are available will remove all of the >>> and junk from plain text mail, but they won't do anything for HTML mail.

You can edit that email and remove those blue lines your self and here's how to do that. I did this in Windows Mail on a Vista computer, but it will also work the same way using Outlook Express.

First open the email and click Forward. Click View on the menu bar. Click 'Source Edit' and then you should see a selection of 'Edit, Source and Preview' at the bottom of the message screen.


When you see the tabs at the bottom, click on the Source.


Now look through the source code and find a selection that starts with something called BLOCKQUOTE. If there is one line on the email you should see it once. For each blue line you will see it listed. Highlight each line as shown in the screenshot below and delete.


Click the Edit tab, then click File on the main menu and save.


Now the blue lines are gone.


This will work in Outlook Express or Windows Mail, but not in Microsoft Outlook.

Remove the lines in Outlook

From a reader: "In Outlook I clicked "Forward", and then clicked just above and to the left of one of the sets of vertical lines. There was the same little mark that shows for a table in Word, so I clicked on it, and the body of the message was highlighted. Then I on clicked "Table", "Convert", "Table to Text", and one set of lines was gone. I repeated these steps and in this case the remaining lines were gone. After removing all the extra message headers, which I also detest, I could then forward a clean message."

That didn't work for me but what did work, I highlighted the HTML content, copied and pasted it into a new email.