Viewing and Composing Mail in Outlook Express

Sometimes we get so comfortable with our 'old' computers. We know where things are and our programs are set up the way we like them.

But what happens if Microsoft sends an 'Update' changes our settings for us whether we want them changed or not?  What do we do when we get a new computer and everything looks and seems to work different than the ways we're used to seeing?  Well of course, we have to start changing (fixing) things to look familiar and work the way we want.

Outlook Express is one of the things that can get changed by updates. (And if you are looking for Outlook Express in Vista, it's really hard to find because Microsoft renamed it to 'Windows Mail'. Under the hood though, it is still Outlook Express with some exceptions.)

So if you like to view email in HTML, but now you can't, chances are an update changed your settings. For your own good, of course! Here are some screenshots to help you change Outlook Express back to viewing email with 'pretty' stuff.

Screenshot For composing email make some changes.

Screenshot Changing the email send and compose format.

Screenshot Select the Format and Stationery for sending mail.

Screenshot Make sure your Outlook Express isn't blocking images!