Some Fixes for Outlook Express Problems

Important Note: If you are still using Outlook Express, I urge you to migrate to another safer email program. There are several email programs that are free and will not cause as many problems as Outlook Express.  A popular replacement for Outlook Express is Thunderbird.

Sometimes Outlook Express just won't do what it should. Some of those problems are listed here with links to find the answers.

Here are some simple ways to prevent problems from occurring in Outlook Express. Use folders to store emails you want to keep and keep the inbox from getting too big. (Filters can help!) Periodically delete the items in the sent folder. Set Outlook Express to empty the Deleted folder every time OE is closed. Let OE compress the folders periodically. A lot of problems with Outlook Express can be avoided by simple maintenance.

This is the biggy, Outlook Express won't open or it crashes.

Outlook Express doesn't remember your password. Here is a registry fix., but be careful! Windows-help

Another password problem, you can't remember it! For just a small price you can get a really cool program from ABF-Soft that will display your password and get you back into Outlook Express!

Password Recovery And it will find your passwords for other programs too!

All of a sudden, you can no longer resize pictures to send in email. This is not an uncommon problem. This is how Microsoft tells you to fix it

Outlook Express just doesn't work right and you need to reinstall it. But how do you do that? Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q318378 has the answer. (Works for IE 6 too!)

When you click on a link in an email in Outlook Express, nothing happens. Look at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q177054 for the fix. You can also look at for an answer!

How to Troubleshoot E-mail Messages That Are Stuck in Your Outbox.

After you installed SP1 to your Internet Explorer 6.0, you find you can no longer open attachments. That's because Microsoft is trying to protect your PC from getting a virus. If you are expecting an attachment & you keep your virus scanner updated, this can be a real pain. The fix is easy. Just open OE, click on the Tools button and select Options. (It is the last entry on the drop down list.) Select the Security tab and uncheck the box by 'Do not allow attachments to be opened or saved that could potentially be a virus'. Click the Apply button. Now you can open attachments in OE. This behavior may also be present after you install SP2.

The spell check doesn't work in Outlook Express. If you don't have Word on your computer, either from MS Works of MS Office, that's why the spell check doesn't work. You can get a free spell checker from Snapfiles .

A great site for Outlook Express help is Tom Koch's site, Inside Outlook Express.

Jim Pickering's Outlook Express Help

The easiest way to export and import rules is to just backup everything using OE Backup.  This site also has help for other issues including Windows Mail.

Messages are disappearing from your Inbox.

How to Fix When OE Won't Let you Delete Messages