Outlook Express Q's and A's

Important Note: If you are still using Outlook Express, I urge you to migrate to another safer email program. There are several email programs that are free and will not cause as many problems as Outlook Express.  A popular replacement for Outlook Express is Thunderbird.

(Questions and Answers)

I am always being asked questions about Outlook Express. I don't always know the answer, but I try to find the answer to the question. Some of the questions are pretty common and have been addressed on other pages on Martha's Web, like how to backup Outlook Express. This page has information about backing up other email clients, so it is listed in the Email section.  Please note, I no longer use Outlook Express, so I may not know how to answer some questions.

Q. Someone recently asked how to save all of their email in a zip file.

A. This can be done, but it will take some work. How much work depends on exactly what you want to do. First you need to locate where Outlook Express is storing your email. Look at OE Settings for that information. Once you have the location, then you can copy the folder or folders you want save to a zip file to another location, like to a folder named Outlook Express Archives. Once the files have been copied, then you can zip the entire folder. To retrieve the messages later, unzip the folder and use the import function in Outlook Express to bring the messages into the program. As for me, if there is a message I really want to keep, I just copy it all to a text file in a folder named OE Messages.

I recently tried to research a question about the strange attachments in emails that have names like ATT001.htm. I am still trying to find some exact information that is easy to understand, but so far this is eluding me. I did come across a site that probably has the information, but it is very 'techy' so I will have to study some more. Just in case you are interested, here is the site, named appropriately, Decoding Internet Attachments. I think it probably has all I ever want to know about attachments!

Someone else asked me how to keep the original email in Outlook Express open after selecting Reply. This seems to be a feature in Outlook Express, to close the original after pressing Reply. The response I gave was as follows:
The solution is to keep the original email open so it can be read while typing the reply in Notepad (found in Programs/Accessories).

Once the reply has been typed, in Notepad's Edit, select all, copy and paste into the original email after the Reply button has been pressed.

While this will work, it seemed to me there might be a better way. If the user has a monitor big enough, open the original email again and place them side by side. The emails could also be staggered.

Q. When sending pictures, I used to get a box come up asking to make them smaller. I no longer get this box, how can I get it back?

A. Sometimes a DLL has become corrupted or unregistered. To fix this problem, try registering the DDL. Here's how:
Click Start/Run
Type 'regsvr32 shimgvw.dll' without the quote marks and press 'OK'.