OE View Menu

Important Note: If you are still using Outlook Express, I urge you to migrate to another safer email program. There are several email programs that are free and will not cause as many problems as Outlook Express.  A popular replacement for Outlook Express is Thunderbird.

The View Menu

Here is where you can really customize Outlook Express to be the way you want. Experiment until you find just how you like it.

The following screenshots show what you can do with View.

Screenshot  Show messages the way you want. All messages, hide Read messages, group by conversations or customize!

Screenshot  Change how messages are displayed.

Screenshot  You can add options in the main view, by adding columns.

Screenshot  Here is where the layout is located. Experiment to get the View you like best!

Screenshot  Another way to view messages. Again, experiment!

Screenshot  Customize the toolbar! Add or remove features. If you want it, add it. Don't need it? Remove it!

Screenshot  Show or hide messages. You can set it to view only the unread messages or all of your messages.

Outlook Express can be customized so many ways! Experiment until it is just the way you want it.