Email Backup Methods

If you are familiar with Windows Explorer, working with files and folders, you may want to try this method to back up your email.

First create the folder where you want to store your backup files. This folder should be on a separate partition if you have one, or even better, on a separate hard drive. If you don't have a separate partition or hard drive you can just copy the folder to a CD or DVD after your backup is completed. A flash drive may also be used, but shouldn't be the only backup. (The more important the email, the more copies should be kept.)

Microsoft Outlook uses the .pst extension. Do a search for (*.pst) without the parentheses, copy and paste into your backup folder. Your address book is included in the .pst file. To restore Outlook, copy & paste the .pst file from your backup & paste into the ApplicationData/Microsoft/Outlook folder. Outlook must be closed while replacing the pst file.  You also need to have viewing hidden files and folders enabled.

Depending on which version of Windows you are using, you may have to explore Windows to find out exactly where the Application Data folder is located. You can also use the File/Import feature to import your folders.

Backup Windows Mail (Vista)

Backup Thunderbird email  A lot of people use Thunderbird.  Check this to learn how to back up your email if you use Thunderbird.

This product has been recommended highly by one of my on-line friends, but I have not used it. The company that sells this product also has backup for other programs as well.

I have never used Netscape so I have no personal experience with backing up Netscape mail. You can go to this website and get instructions for backing up your Netscape mail.

MailStore This free program will backup mail from several programs including MS Outlook as well as Outlook Express.