Every site you visit on a regular basis seems to want you to register and then log in. That's ok, this practice helps them to know if you like their site as well as for other reasons unknown to me. I used to use a regular login name & the same simple password as I was not going to submit any security information.

However, since there are so many scammers out there and a lot of them use programs that can steal passwords, I decided I needed to change my tactics and use a different and hard to guess password for each site.  This has been a real challenge.

I finally decided to get a password keeper. My bad memory just finally let me know I need one and using the same password even for sites that aren't secure is not a good idea. I have been reviewing several password keepers.

Here are two sites that will check the security of your password and tell you if you need to make changes. Certainly don't use your real password when checking, but use something similar (same format) and find out if your password would be easy to guess.

Password Strength Meter

Password Checker

Sometimes we forget our passwords. Most websites needing passwords have options to recover or reset forgotten passwords, but sometimes the password is for email programs on your computer. If you are like me, (bad memory), a password recovery tool can come in really handy! Check out the password recovery tools on  Nirsoft. They have some other good stuff on their site as well.

As time goes by, the scammers get more and more sneaky.  In order to be safe online with our email and financial sites we need to constantly update our passwords.  The password scanning bots will give up eventually IF our passwords are long enough (at least 12 characters, more to be safe).

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