Pet Peeves

Everyone has them; things that just rub us the wrong way.

Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason for something to make us go 'ugh' and other times a very valid reason makes us add something to our 'peeves list.

I think I probably qualify as an old grump as I certainly have a long list of those pet peeves and the list seems to get longer all the time!

Since I belong to a lot of Yahoo Groups I have a list for groups.

  • Folks who want to join a Yahoo Group and put 'hi' in the comments field.
  • Folks who join a Group and immediately are in a bouncing status.
  • Folks who join to spam the members.
  • Some jerks who use bad language when asked to follow the Group's rules.
  • Folks who don't trim posts when they reply, especially if they bottom post.
  • Folks who trim too much when they reply. Sometimes I have no idea what they are replying about!

I also have a list for computer users in general.

  • Folks who bash Vista (or any other OS) even though they have never used it.
  • Folks who call a computer a 'puter'. (Sounds vulgar)
  • Program writers who think their programs should 'start up' when the computer is turned on.
  • Programs that start Internet Explorer when I click a link. (Should start my default browser!)
  • People who send links in email that 'break'. (Use tiny URL)
  • People who send fear mongering emails or emails that say 'forward to everyone you know'.
  • Forwarded emails that 'bash' something.

Pet Peeves in My General List

  • TV stations that tell us about important notices, but then tell us to go to their websites for the details. This policy is what caused all those seniors to not be ready for the transfer to digital TV. Not everyone has Internet access and many seniors don't even own a computer.
  • Packaging so hard to open you need a special tool to open them.
  • Ads that say something is 'Free', but you have to buy something else to get it. This is not free!
  • Prescription drug ads that say "Ask your doctor if (drug name) is right for you". The doctor should know without you asking.