Popup Ads

Don't you just hate all those popup ads when you are surfing the net? There are a lot of programs available to stop them, some work better than others.  You can just bring up Google, type in 'popup stopper' and you can take your pick from what comes up.

But as often as a program is added or updated to stop those 'in your face' popups, someone comes up with a new way to irritate us as we surf the web.

I truly understand most of these popups are used to generate revenue for the website owner. I know some of them really need the revenue and I hope they succeed in getting the needed money.  I just wish some of those popups weren't so in my face.

Pop-unders are just as irritating to me as popups.  If you use Firefox and NoScript, that stops pop-unders. Pop-unders are not as common today as they used to be or maybe I just don't see them because I quit going to the sites that used them.

Popups and pop-unders are driven by JavaScript. Unless you have JavaScript disabled, you will still get those annoying pop-unders.  Some sites just don't seem to care how much they annoy surfers! I tend to not go back to sites that use these tactics. Another tactic is to use JavaScript to cause a mini popup when your cursor moves over a word.  If you want to read the text beneath the mini popup you have to close it. Very irritating! These are known as IntelliTXT ads and when you see a word on a page with two underlines, that word will cause the ad to popup if your cursor touches that word.

Firefox has a built in Popup stopper that really works great! But it doesn't stop those nasty pop-unders! But Firefox with NoScript stops them. The problem with No-script is it stops stuff I really want to see so then I have to edit No-script to allow what I want to see.  No-script is pretty aggressive.

Some of the nasty stuff infecting websites is done by using a javascript (not all),  so using No-script can help keep you safe while surfing.

Other ways to stop popups