Scandisk and Defrag Problems in Windows 9x

If you are using Windows 95. Windows 98 or Windows ME, this information may be useful to you. It does not apply to later versions of Windows.

Sometimes Scandisk or Defrag just won't complete. You've turned off your screensaver and closed all programs, but you keep getting this message:

'ScanDisk has restarted 10 times because Windows or another program has been writing to this drive. Quitting some running programs may enable ScanDisk to finish sooner. Do you want to continue receiving this warning?'

scandisk problem 

Microsoft has posted an article dealing with this issue, but most of the time all you need to do is run Enditall 2.  Enditall 2 does just what it sounds like, ends all running programs on your computer. The only programs that should be left running are Windows Explorer & Systray.

If Enditall does not work & Scandisk still doesn't complete, then go into Safemode to run Scandisk. To go into Safemode depends on what kind of computer you have. You should check the manual received with your computer to see how to go into Safemode. Safemode is simply a way to boot your computer without loading all the drivers and programs that usually start when you turn on your computer. The desktop will look weird because the video drivers for your video card won't load, only the generic driver will load. But you can fix problems in Safemode that just can't be fixed in normal mode.

To enable your bootup screen to show Safemode, download & install Tweakui. Scroll down on this screen & be sure to download & install the correct version for your version of Windows. (Not the XP!) The installation instructions are on the same page.

Once you have downloaded and installed Tweakui, you can access it from the Control Panel. To enable the screen that shows which way to bootup, click on the Boot tab and make sure there is not a check mark in the enable splash screen. (Figure 1)

This is a problem I had defragging my hard drive and what I did that solved the problem. This may not help you, but it did help me!

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