Some Programs for Windows

These are the programs that I installed on my computer when I was using Windows XP. Some of them were not used very often, but I considered them to be essential to setup my computer the way I want it. This list changes from time to time as I find new and better program options for my needs. Please note, I am not using XP any longer. I now use Windows 7. I still use most of these programs.

Tweakui for Windows XP . I wish there was a Tweakui for Windows 7! Control Panel Icon for Tweakui for XP

Paint Shop Pro  - This is my graphics program. I don't use it as much as I would like due to not enough time. It is a very powerful program. I use it to scan, edit photos and graphics. I am using version X2, it does what I need.

One program I have is Tech Smith's Snagit. I love this program!  It makes fabulous screenshots and I can edit them as well.

For my browsers, besides Internet Explorer I have Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

For my alternate email program I use Windows Live Mail 2011 (I use Windows 7)

Microsoft Office 2007 - I can't do without Office. I use Outlook the most, Word a lot, Excel some and occasionally Publisher. (For some reason I cannot abide PowerPoint. I never open PowerPoint attachments when sent to me in email.) An Alternative to MS Office is LibreOffice, entirely free and open source.

Microsoft Money - I could never balance my checkbook until I got Money, this is a lifesaver!  Since Microsoft is no longer updating or supporting Money, I am also using Quicken and it is taking me a while to get used to it.

I use Microsoft's Expression Web (EW4) for my web editor.

I use Acronis to backup my computer and Karen's Replicator to back up Documents and other data files. (I now use Macrium Reflect, I like it better and there is a free version!)

I have a lot of other programs on my computer besides these, but what I have listed are the ones that I consider essential. Some of the other programs are listed on my Utilities page.