Really Mad!

I love 'eye candy' on my computer. I have so much that sometimes I just can't decide what to display. I am always on the lookout for new wallpaper and screensavers. Today while surfing I found a screensaver site that I hadn't seen before. There are tons of free screensavers on this site and screenshots are available. I downloaded several screensavers that had great screenshots. I installed a freebie from Nero, Volcano. This one is really neat.

So then I installed another one, Winter Magic with music by Celine. During the installation, it asked if I wanted to install (aka NewDotnet).  Now is known spyware so I said 'No'. Guess what, it installed anyway. I have a program that watches for newly installed programs that want to startup with my computer and it came up and asked if I wanted to allow to startup. The only way to get out of this dialog was to say 'Yes'. By this time I am starting to get angry.

I opened Ad-aware and checked for an update and did the scan. Eighteen entries for found & deleted. Cool! But then when I updated and ran Spybot Search and Destroy, three more were found. Spybot managed to delete two of the files but when it attempted to delete the third entry, my startup program jumped up again and the only way out of it was to say 'Yes'. Now I am Really Mad!

I went into Windows Explorer and found the folder with two .dlls and tried to manually delete. The startup program jumps up again. Spybot is still open and then asks me to allow it to run on the startup. I say 'Yes', the system reboots, Spybot runs and finally I am able to get rid of this disgusting piece of spyware.

There is a moral somewhere in all of this; I suspect it is check it out before you download!

A description of or NewDotNet and how to remove it.

The bad guy

The title of the screensaver with attached is listed as DBtitle and the author's name is listed as Lacats. However further investigation on this site lists the author as scubagirl.  Scubagirl may not know that has been attached to her screensavers. A third party host is the culprit.

The good guys



The hero that let me know was wanting to startup, StartupMonitor

The questionable guy

Where I found the screensaver. Keep in mind, they may not have known about the unscrupulous load attached to the screensaver, however I am letting them know!

Response from my emails to the download side and the creator. No response was ever received from the creator, but the site where I found the screensaver responded. As I hoped, they did not know that was attached to the screensaver. From their response, apparently the creator doesn't know either. The creator is using a third party host to store her screensavers. The third party host was using banners & ads to support the cost, now however, they are using stuff like which pays better. Greed will get us every time!