Why Do You Want a Registry Cleaner?

Why the overwhelming want for Registry cleaners? Is it because of all the sites saying you need one?  Do you think it will make your slow computer run faster? (It won't.)

First of all, what does a Registry cleaner do? "Wikipedia has a definition" Fine, sounds good!

But wait a minute, it probably isn't true and you could turn your computer into an expensive door stop using a over zealous Registry cleaner.

I don't think a Registry needs to be 'cleaned' unless a system has been compromised with malware. In that event, reliable malware removers should remove the suspect entries in the Registry.  (My opinion: If you had malware on your computer, the safest bet is to reinstall Windows. How do you know for sure it's all gone?)

There seems to be some thought that a lot of stuff in the Registry can cause a computer to run slower than it should. More than likely it is all the unnecessary stuff loading at Startup and running in the background that is the real culprit for the slow computer.

There are two schools of thought here, both pros and cons for using a Registry cleaner.  Upon investigation it seems those who have bought in to the idea of cleaning the Register appear to have been persuaded by all of the 'snake oil' on the web about Registry cleaners.

The folks who should know, Microsoft MVPs, don't think the Registry cleaners are worth your time (and certainly not your money).

Mark Russinovich's Blog Mark is a very respected Microsoft employee. He says 'Registry junk is just a windows fact of life'.

An interesting discussion about Registry cleaners on AUMHA.

My thoughts on the subject "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."  If you try, it can get you into real trouble.