Internet Scams, Fraud and Schemes

There should be a big warning sign with every computer. This sign should say, "Beware! When you surf the Internet and read email, you will be constantly subjected to offers that are nothing more than attempts to defraud you."

That may sound too ominous but it is true, users are constantly besieged with fraudulent offers.

The biggest scam in your email used to be the Nigerian letter scam.  They would be funny except for the fact that folks still fall for this scam and are being defrauded of their hard earned money. Some times the emails claim to be from other countries, but the pitch is always the same, they will give you a lot of money to help them get their money to a safe place. Don't fall for it! A new twist on the Nigerian letter scam is an email that claims to be from a military person in Baghdad. Still a scam!

Have you ever heard of phishing? (Pronounced fishing) This ugly starts by coming into your inbox. It purports to be from PayPal, Citibank or some other reputable company. It could say they are updating their database and need some more information from you, or it could say that they need to verify information about your account. There is a link in the email where you can go and update your information. Wait a minute, think! Do you even have an account with these folks? If you do have an account, they already have your information! If you do click on the link and go to their site, look at the web address! Chances are it won't even resemble the company's real web address! Some of them are very clever though, and get a domain that 'almost' looks like the real thing. Best thing to do with these emails is notify the customer service of this company so they can investigate and take down the site.

Another scam is an email leading you to believe you have won something. Now unless you entered a chance to win, do you think you really could win? Just read this and keep your Delete button handy!

So many bad emails! Here are some Examples of Bad Email Messages

African Puppy Scam This scam targets dog lovers.

Buyer Beware!

Nearly everyone I know would like to make some extra money. We read about how someone is really cleaning up with some money-making scheme on the Internet and think "I want to do that too!"

Think again. I am not saying you can't make money on the Internet, but the old adage 'If it sounds too good to be true it usually is' bears listening to. Just about everything I've ever seen requires you to sell something that everyone else has already been signed up to sell. You have to have a web site and you have to promote the product big time. So you spend a lot of money on various schemes to promote your product. The only folks making any money are the folks selling you the products. So unless you have an established business or a truly unique product or service, it is very unlikely you are going to make a fortune on the Internet.

I could go on and on about scams and schemes you need to be aware of, but there is a very complete site already listing just about everything there is on this subject. If you want to learn more or if you have been a victim, go to Crimes of Persuasion and read up! This site is so big you can't possibly read it all in one session, so bookmark it!

Get IPNetInfo to read those email headers and report scams!

There are so many scams out there it is impossible to name them all!  The best advice for those offers that 'look too good to be true', is to leave it alone, as more than likely that 'offer' is another scam to defraud folks of their hard earned money.

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