Screensavers and Desktop Wallpaper

I love screensavers. There are hundreds of them out there on the web. If you don't believe it, just bring up Google and type 'screensavers' in the search bar and see how many pages come up.  However, a lot of the 'free' screensavers come with an extra download you don't want, spyware

Webshots has great wallpaper for your Desktop and also a screensaver function. You can add your own photos to use in a screensaver. Webshots has both free and premium memberships. Warning! There is no easy way to cancel a premium Webshots membership and it will automatically renew and bill your credit card.  Not good, Webshots.

A site with a lot of other goodies including a lot of screensavers is Cloudeight. They advertise 'No spyware'!

National Geographic Channel There are nature wallpapers. A lot of choices available.

Smashing Magazine has a long list of the 'best' screensavers, free and paid. WARNING! I don't know if these are spyware free, but they are on Gizmo's site. He generally checks for spyware.

InterfaceLIFT Beautiful Wallpapers

More really great wallpapers on Nexis Desktop.

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