Security (continued)

As the malware writers grow more sophisticated, it is increasingly dangerous to surf the Internet without some industrial-strength programs to protect you. You absolutely must use a firewall, an updated virus scanner and at least three spyware scanners.

The battle against malware of all types is an ongoing process. Just when we think we have the latest and greatest of security programs, the bad guys on the Internet come up with a new way to inflict their ugly stuff on unsuspecting computer users. The need for updating and patching Windows and programs never goes away.

But the biggest way to protect your computer (and you!) is to follow safe practices with email and web surfing.  If you open attachments, click on email links from people you don't know or know casually and download programs from unsafe sites, you are inviting the bad stuff in to your computer. Never click on links to a website and then input your personal information on the site. Never send confidential information using email. And please, for your sake and others, stop sending attachments without explaining what the attachment contains and stop opening them unless you know for certain who they are from and the sender has told you about the attachment!