More and more it is difficult to keep our computers safe from all of the crimeware waiting to assault if we let our guard down. We absolutely must protect our computers and ourselves. The only way to protect is to use good surfing habits, never open emails from strangers and keep Windows and our security programs updated and current. The criminals are also targeting some of the programs we use, like Adobe and Java.

The internet is growing every day and not everyone there is friendly. Never give your name, phone number & address to anyone on the internet until you have checked that site's privacy policy. Even then it may not be safe! Create and use an 'Internet Profile' to use on sites that require registration. Get a junk email address on one of the free email account sites. And never, ever put confidential information in an email!

Everyone hates spam and you could be sending it! Your computer could be an Internet 'Zombie'. If your computer is running too slow, it could be you are infected with virus and/or spyware that is sending out spam or even other virus laden emails. It could also cost you your Internet connection as well, just read this article 'ISP Gets Tough With 'Zombie' Customers' by Colin C. Haley

There are so many bad things on the 'net just waiting to attack your computer. Some of them are trying (and succeeding!) to steal your logins and passwords for financial sites. Others are trying to convince you to buy 'security' programs that are really spyware.

There are hijackers that take over your browser, trojans and worms that can turn your computer into a zombie that can send spam, virus, trojans and worms to other unsuspecting folks.

Every day there are new and evil scammers purveying their crimeware. Our security programs are stressed to the max trying to keep up. You must make sure they are constantly updated, but even then the 'bad stuff' may be one step ahead, so safe computing is  absolutely the first line of defense.

A great perspective of a 'hacked' computer. (Zombie) Warning, a lot of ads before the requested page loads.

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