When I was growing up, Spam was something to eat. There still is a product called Spam. It even has a website. Due to the recession, Spam is again popular eating for lots of folks.

Now when you say 'Spam', most folks think of all the unsolicited email we get in our inbox everyday. There are new products for fighting Spam every week. I did a search in Google for 'stop Spam' and Google found almost 900,000 sites!

Spammers get sneakier all the time. They spoof their reply email address so you can't send them back a nasty email telling them to stop sending email to you. Now they are resorting to stealing email addresses, maybe yours! If you receive an angry email accusing you of sending Spam and you didn't send it, send it back to the sender with a link to this page and explain what happened.

Probably the best ever site for helping the Spam invasion and how to win the battle is Spam Abuse. To access the site, just click on the graphic below.

Avoiding Spam

Never buy anything from a Spam email. If Spammers don't make sales, they will quit sending Spam.

Don't buy spam

Never reply to a Spam email. This just lets the Spammer know they sent an email to a valid email address and opens the door for a lot more spam. I don't even open Spam emails, I just delete them.

I have filters setup in my inboxes. (I have several email accounts and I use Outlook Express, MS Outlook and Eudora.) The filters move incoming email to folders assigned to the senders. The filtering method varies for each email client and each client has advantages & disadvantages. I like all of them. Since Outlook Express is the most used email client I have focused on OE. To set up your filters in OE, look at this page, Filters for Outlook Express.

A lot of web sites want you to register before allowing you to view the content on the site. The registration generally wants your email address. Now unless you are signing up to receive a newsletter, I see no reason to provide an email address. This is where a 'throw away' email address comes in handy. There are countless free web email sites. Just bring up Google and type in 'free web email'. (Or go to Spam abuse, listed above.) Click on the links Google brings up until you find one you like and sign up. Then when a site asks for your email address for no good reason, use that address. Periodically log into it (your free web email account) & delete all the Spam.

If you decide to get a Spam blocker/removal program, try to get one that has a free trial before you pay out your hard earned $$. Some of these programs are worse to live with than all of the Spam! And whatever you do, please don't get a program that makes everyone that sends an email to you answer questions or click on links. I promise that if you do, you may not receive any more email from a lot of your friends as well as no Spam. These programs are 'white listing'. Earthlink has one of these white listing spam filters. I will not respond to these annoying anti-spam schemes. They look too much like email harvesters or worse!

There is a movement to make a No Spam list, but I doubt it would make much difference! If you signup, think what a database of email addresses the 'offshore' spammers will have!

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