Please! No More Invites!

Spam, spam and more spam. It just keeps coming and now it is coming from a source you might not suspect.

If you belong to a Yahoo Group, a Google Group or any other list, someone on that Group, sooner or later, is going to spam you.

That someone probably doesn't realize they are spamming you, but that is what happens. When they join one of those social networks (and they are increasing in number every day), the next thing that happens after the login and password is completed, everyone in the unsuspecting user's address book is added to the 'Invite' list.

So now the rest of us are getting all those 'Invites' from such places as Grouply (Yeah!, Grouply is no more!), Multiply, Questionit, Goodreads and who knows how many more of these spammy sites!

Each of these sites has an agenda to entice the unsuspecting user to join.

"See all of your Groups messages in one place" (I think email programs will do that without sending spam.) Ask someone a question. (Why?) Compare books. (Join a list that specializes in books, don't spam me!) "I set up a Multiply site with my pictures, videos and blog and I want to add you as my friend so you can see it." (I don't know you so why would I want to see it?)

Why and when is all of this stuff going to end? Only when folks understand what these sites are doing and stop signing up for them. I hope it's just a stupid fad, but for now it just keeps on and on and I keep getting more spam.