Finding a BlogSpot Thief

There is nothing more aggravating to some (not all) Yahoo Group owners to find a sneaky thief is streaming all of the Group's posts to a blog, almost always on BlogSpot. And the really disturbing part, the thief is a member of the Group!

Finding and removing that sneaky member on a Yahoo Group can be easy, not so easy or very difficult.

Why a Group member wants to stream the Group's post to a blog is usually due to being too lazy to write his or her own content and an effort to make some money by using someone else's efforts.

In some cases the thief may be like a 'script kiddy' who just wants to see if they can pull it off. In those instances it may be really difficult to find the culprit as the thief may have taken a lot of precautions to prevent discovery of his or her identity.

Perseverance can in the long run 'out' the thief, but a lot of Group owners just don't know how to identify the post stealing member.

These pages will give those owners some information on how to find and stop the posting of the members' messages and exposing their email addresses to possible spammers.

Finding the thief is not always easy, but just do a periodic search on a very recent post. This can turn up surprising results.

Finding the Thief