System Restore

System Restore is a life saver for some and a waste of time for others. I don't know why some people have a problem with this feature in Windows XP, but it apparently doesn't work for everyone.

I suspect the real problems with System Restore are in one of three areas, users don't really understand how to use it, there is not enough space on the drive where Windows is installed or a conflict somewhere with other programs running on the computer.

I could go on and list a lot of ideas and things to try, however, Microsoft has a wonderful resource for any and just about all questions about System Restore. You can access Microsoft's System Restore information by clicking on this box:


This feature has saved me many frustrations and I think once users understand how to use it (it isn't hard), they will learn to love it!

There is one time when System Restore may NOT be good.  This is when a virus or other malware invades your computer.

Microsoft has a page explaining how antivirus and System Restore work together.

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