A Few Windows Tips and Tricks

Every once in awhile I find a new tip or trick for Windows that makes me think 'Wow!'  Here are a few of them.

Do you have too many icons on your desktop? Can't find what you are looking for? How would you like to have a nice clean desktop with a pretty picture on it & no icons all over the picture? Linda Johnson mentioned this tip in a post in one of my Yahoo groups. This tip is on Linda's web site, so I will direct you there. Linda's Clean Desktop.


Those 'thingies' on my computer!

Have you ever wondered just what to call different things on your desk top? Like 'What is the name of the little box that pops up when I right click on an icon?" Well, Linda has written a great tutorial about these 'thingies', so go back to Linda's site & learn what all these 'thingies' are really called.

Need to rename a bunch of files in a hurry? Visit About.com to get this great tip on how to rename a bunch of files in a hurry.

This next tip isn't really a Windows tip, but worth it's weight in gold for me. When you buy a new gadget, appliance or anything that has a manual, you read it if you have to get whatever you bought to work. That may be the last time you look at it until you have a problem of some sort. You need the manual, but where is it? I have several places where manuals for such items are kept, but when I need one I never seem to be able to find it! Now just about every business has a web site and most of them have a customer service area. For a lot of things, this includes manuals! I download the manual and keep it in a file on my computer! I have found manuals for items that were bought years ago! What a timesaver this has been, and I don't have to keep that file full of old manuals for stuff I no longer have!

Quite a few people have asked 'How to Add Items to the 'Send To' Menu in Windows'.