Viruses, Trojans and Worms, Oh My!

The original Trojan horse is the stuff of legends. Legend has it that the Greeks built a wooden horse with a hollow insides that held a few Greek soldiers. The horse was delivered to the gates of Troy and the Trojan horse was pulled into the city due to being convinced it was a peace offering by the Greeks. That night the Trojans celebrated and afterwards fell into a drunken stupor. The Greeks hidden in the hollow belly of the horse crept out, killed the Trojan sentries and opened the gates of Troy. The Greek army swept in and killed all of the people of Troy.

Today there are nasty little programs that sneak onto your computer by various ways and 'open the doors' to your computer to the originators of these 'Trojans'. Once they have access to your computer, they can do pretty much what they want. They can steal confidential data, credit card information, just what ever they want. Even worse, if possible, they can use your computer to send out SPAM, or send out denial of service attacks. This could be traced to your computer & cause you to be criminally charged.

Trojans can come into your computer several ways. You could get one attached to a seemingly harmless attachment or by downloading a file.

There is a Trojan that just redirects your search if you are using Google. The original page that redirected users has been closed down, but the redirection still happens. Only now the user gets 'Page not found'. There is more on this at McAfee's site.

Another sneaky thing a Trojan can do is send out spam from your computer. Besides using your email program to send it out, other programs such as mIRC can be used.

Many virus scanners do not scan for Trojans very well. There are several good Trojan scanners available and some are free.

Trojan Scan