Handy Utilities for Windows

Unless you never do anything with your computer, sooner or later you are going to need some help with something.

Utilities are little (sometimes big) programs that help you find something, fix something or do something easier. In my case, utilities can help me do something I couldn't do otherwise!

There are literally thousands of utilities available for download out there on the web. Most folks don't need that many, but the ones just about everyone needs will sooner or later be listed here.

  • Does your computer take forever to startup? What is loading at startup? MSCONFIG can tell you, but what is all of that stuff! You need Startup Control Panel! And it is a little bitty file to do so much! There are other goodies on this site, too, like Startup Monitor. I have this gem running on my computer!
  • This is a really cool calculator, it 'prints'! Sorta anyway. I'll be sure to always have this one from Moffsoft on my computer!
  • Process Explorer is a super cool utility that will tell you what's running in the background on your computer. find this great utility (along with a lot more) on Sysinternals website.
  • Sysinternals (Microsoft purchased Sysinternals)
  • Nirsoft Freeware utilities for Windows
  • AutoRuns for Windows v9.12 This utility has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor.
  • Process Viewer Another utility to let you know what is running on your computer. For all versions of Windows
  • Just what is on my computer? Belarc Advisor can tell you what programs, hardware, CD keys and more!
  • jv16 PowerTools The Registry is something that most users don't touch, because it is the place where everything that is on your computer needs to be exactly right and if something is changed or deleted, it could cause your computer to not work right or even quit working. But sometimes it needs to be 'cleaned' or corrected. jv16 PowerTools is what I use to 'fix' the Registry. Warning! Be sure to backup the Registry when jv16 PowerTools asks!
  • ProcessLibrary  This site just may be able to tell you what are all those processes running in the background.  You can download Quick Access,  an add-on for Task manager.
  • Revo Uninstaller  Two versions Free and Pro. This program cleans up the bits and pieces some uninstalls leave behind.
  • CCleaner  This program from Piriform cleans the junk from your computer.  You can choose to clean everything, (cookies, Internet cache, temp files, etc.) or you can be selective.  Maybe you need to keep your cookies.