Viewing Screenshots

By now most folks that have been on the Internet for any length of time know that to view a screenshot, you need to click on the little picture (thumbnail) to make it big.

Example: Screenshot

But sometimes when you make the picture bigger by clicking on it, it is bigger but the details are all blurry. (Just click on it to see what I mean.)

Now look at this Screenshot.

Wow, what a difference once you click the second icon! Sometimes you have to play around a bit to get it to come up and sometimes it doesn't come up at all. It depends on the picture format and how the maker saved it.

If you are using Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox, once the enlarged picture comes up just click on it again to view a cleared picture.

Please note: Not all thumbnails react the same way. I have put my large pictures on separate pages to avoid the 'blurry' pictures. A lot of other webmasters do the same. I have also removed most of the thumbnails (not all!) and replaced them with links to the screenshots.

While this may still be true for some browsers, most of the newer (and safer) browsers do not seem to have this problem.

Please note: This page was written when Windows XP was using Internet Explorer 6, which is a very unsafe browser.

If you are still using Internet Explorer 6, I highly recommend you update to a much safer version, IE 8 or IE 9.  (Better still, Firefox, Opera or Chrome)